Monday, January 7, 2019

The adventure of the red legged frogs the red legged frogs are having a war with the fungus kingdom and they can not let the fungus come into your kingdom there will be frogs that can be placed. The fungus are the enemies, if the fungus get in there kingdom there will be no hope for the kingdom of the frogs. The problems facing them are pollution that floats in the water as an obstacle and fungus that are the enemies. The helps are towers that are like labs and kill the fungus there are different types of towers and there is also a pollution picker upper that get rid of the pollution.


  1. great on every cateorgy so yeah good game made sense

  2. the splash screen makes sense, the tutorial is a good learning thing.the theme is in the right grade level. And the positive comment is it was really lame. Love you nate no homo.

  3. very good, I enjoyed playing this game tutorial is good and makes sense

  4. couldn't find any level progretion

  5. 1. the game was fine.
    2. it had a good splash screen but no info screen. the game was pretty simple.
    3. you cant complete the level.
    4. i would give it a 8-10 because almost everything is there and it is not that boring.
    5. i would make it where you could complete the level.


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