Monday, January 7, 2019

Po the Panda

By: Miles Jones

Po the panda was being hunted by poachers for her body parts. Po must reunite with her mother Lun Lun without being caught by the poachers. Once the environmentalists called the police on the poachers, the were able to plant bamboo trees which the pand could live on and climb up to look for her mother. Po had to avoid traps so that she could reunite with Lun Lun. The hikers help Po by triggering the traps so that she can get through the plains and find Lun Lu.


  1. what is the point of this game there is no story and no splash screen either

  2. 1. The looks good but needs more of everything
    2. There is none
    3. No
    4. It fits if Miles is studying pandas
    5. A splashscreen

  3. you really don't have a game. the splash screen is nonexistent and so is a doesn't even fit pandas because all your ONLY sprite is a black and white dot. it really needs every thing.

  4. 1. It was the worse one I've seen.
    2. There was no splashscreen
    3. there was no tutorial level
    4. it had a good theme I guess.
    5. Put what needs to be there

  5. this was an bad game and needed things to become good this was an sad gam no splash screen this is not good bad grafics

  6. you need every thing on the requirement list

  7. 1. my impression of the game is that it was boring.
    2. there is no info screen or plot screen and when the game came on it didn't do anything.
    3. there is no way to win or die in the tutorial level.
    4. it fits the target 3-10 because he did have something turned in but the game didnt do anything.
    5. i would add another level to the game.


cadence no plot