Monday, January 7, 2019

Sandys Search
___ is a enemy
___ are help items
Sandy the sand cat has been evicted from her home after someone started building houses where you used to live and have to travel through the desert avoiding Hunters, traps and dehydration  by getting water droplets and sometimes hunting bans will go into effect so Hunters will disappear for a little while. Once you have traveled through three parts of the desert you will find a home.


  1. the splash screen looks nice and the click me button works, but other than that there is noting else in the game to do.

  2. 1 i was very bored
    2 yes, however it looks like you just took sudermans info page and changed the sprites
    3 there isent one
    4 it kinda does
    5 making a actual game

  3. dylan in 8th grade
    1:there wasnt three levels
    2:wasnt any levels
    5:make a real game

  4. Lack of content in the main game

  5. 1. the game was bad.
    2. the splash screen was good but there was no info screen.
    3.the movements work but there is nothing to do in the game.
    4.2-10 because it practically does nothing.
    5. i would make the level achievable


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