Monday, January 7, 2019

Story Line

There once was a old growth forest that had millions of healthy trees, but then lumberjacks came with machines and axes cutting all the trees, eventually there will be no more trees for the old growth forest animals to live in.                                                                                             
It’s almost like whack-a-mole
Objective:stop the lumberjacks~don’t tap the bombs

Enemies:LumberJacks and bomb


  1. good stuff everything makes sense in the splash screen and tutorial. The grade level old growth forest thing was correct and the sprites could be better but over all impression was a good game.

  2. can't actualy play the game bro

  3. 1. the game is boring.
    2. the splash screen is good but theres nothing to do in the game and i didnt know what to do.
    3.the level could not be completed and it was confusing. was probably a 4-10 because he has something done but you couldnt play the game.
    5. i would make the level achievable.


cadence no plot