Monday, January 7, 2019

Bob the fishy fish boy went to play in a stream. Little did he know, the stream was full of harmful pesticides that gave him cancer. Bob tried every type of treatment for a fish, but none of it worked. Bob eventually died. But wait, there's more. Bob came back as a ghost. Because ghosts have supernatural powers, he went back in time and found the farmer who used too many pesticides and went back to the present to haunt him...


  1. 1. I thought that the game was good
    2. Yes except for the death
    3. The enemy is there but doesnt kill you no reward died like twice
    4. Very well
    5. Not to make the game crash after hitting a FRIKIN WALL

  2. 1: the levels are a bit easy but is good
    2:the levels need more pesticides
    3:yes it does
    4:that pesticides are bad for the ecosystem
    5:more pesticides

  3. 1. the game was really good.
    2. the splash screen, info screen, and the plot screen was all good and it helped me know what to do during the game.
    3. all the functions work and the game increased dificulty when the levels gt higher.
    4. i would rate this game a 9-10 since it works and is the only interesting game ive played this whole time.
    5. i would just add more levels.


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