Monday, January 7, 2019

 play fishers game


  1. this is dylan in 8th grade
    1: way to hard made me rage
    2:the skill gap from the 1 and 2 levels is huge the 2nd was imposbile
    3:yes it does
    4:nothing really
    5:make it easyer

  2. 1.No level 3 is really hard I couldn't finish it.
    2.No, level two was really hard. Maybe making the room smaller would help.1-2 It got harder by adding in an enemy. 2-3 was just more jumping.
    3. no he needs to have a weak enemy in the tutorial.
    4. That beavers need to eat would and bears attack them.
    5. Making the enemy slower would help.

  3. good game very difficult level 2 cant proceed past it

  4. 1. it was good but level 2 was hard to pass.
    2. the splash screen was good but there was no info or plot screen.
    3.all the movements work but in level 2 it wouldn't let me jump up.
    4.i would rate this game a 7-10 since it worked and had multiple levels.
    5.i would make it a little easier.


cadence no plot