Monday, January 7, 2019

 play andrews game
this is the plot of my game
        you are a hedge hog that needs to flee to a new home
        "starvation haunts you along the way wild animals are trying to eat you right now they are a blob
        you must flee from poachers because they belive the quills you carry are lucky ");
        ,you must collect seeeds to eat and you can also disapper in abanded burros ");
        be care ful you must not trust the humans and flee frome all sighns of human life for they mean no good
                but most of all have fun!!!
        there is also a carrot that is also lots of carrots on the screen you can eat them and they will give you extra life in need


  1. bad, no tutorial you get gang banged by red blocks, very ungood

  2. the game doesn't look that good it just looks like blocks. yes it did prepare me for the game. you don't have a tutorial level and you cant respawn. the enemies look like blocks. it does link to an endangered species.

  3. 1.Seemed like a good and addicting
    2.I was actually useful and helped me a lot
    3.They are no tutorial and you just have to wing it with the controls you can also die if there was a tutorial.
    4.It fit pretty good and no complaints
    5.Your character is basically immortal and can not die unless you want too the moss only does 1 damage and the fire rate is way too fast

  4. 1. This is a very fun game, and I probably played it for way longer than I should have. Overall, it is addicting.

    2. Yes. It had the sprite of the enemy, the carrots, the player, etc.

    3. There isn't really a tutorial level that I can see, and so yes, you can die before lots of enemies spawn. However, there was only one enemy at the start.

    4. I am not completely sure if hedgehogs are endangered, but if they are, yes.

    5. Andrew could make it so the rotten carrots disappear eventually, because if you are doing well, the rotten carrots could take away 100, or even 1,000 health.

  5. 1.this is ok needs lots of improvments not to interesting
    2.yes of the enemy carrots and player tutorial
    4. how does this tie into e.s. project? im not sure
    5 Maybe less enemies and not respawning carrots

  6. Better than last time
    yes the enemies spawn more frequently
    there is no tutorial
    make a tutorial level

  7. dude i love your game
    five stars all the way
    also finish the second level

  8. Lukes :1,there's not even three levels and there a secret path to a different place,2 all chandes made it easyer,all the changes made it easyer,the changes made it easyer,3 the gamplay di not mach the tutorial level,4 I learnd nothing,5 make it a little harder.

  9. Andrew's game is very fun and it is a good idea. I am weird, and I like to use the arrow keys instead of WASD, so it would be nice if I could use arrow keys for up and down.

  10. 1.the game was fine but there was no way to win or lose.
    2. there was no tutorial and no info screen so it did not prepare me for the game.
    3. the only movements that function are the left and right buttons. there was no way to win or lose.
    4. i thin it fit the target as a 5-10 because all the sprites are good and it lets you move some ways but it doesn't have a point to it.
    5.i would change the game by making it where the predator could actually kill the prey.


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