Monday, January 7, 2019



Back Story:Your a big panda living with your parents and then one day your parents get taken away by poachers so they can sell them for money  . They set traps on the ground to catch more pandas.

Plot:You want to save your family while evading poachers and traps. You do is while doing parkour from trees so they don't see you. Some cops are looking for this poacher so if you see a cop then your safe.Also if you see a national park that is a safe zone from poacher and is nice and comfortable


  1. I liked your game and the splash screen worked. the tutorial works and is not broken. the game is just the same as all of the problems faced by the panda (save the magic frog) i think you could complete the boss fight but other than that it was really fun

  2. Ok but not really addickting

  3. you can pass all the levels. the levels are kinda difficult. gameplaY DOES MATCH IN THE TUTORIAL. NOTHING TO IMPROVE

  4. 1. Almost not even passable
    2. no change between levels
    3. kinda
    4. Pandas get caught in bear traps
    5. make it possible and more addicting

  5. lukes:1 none of the paths have a secret path,2 yes each level was challenge,the changes he made were he just made each level hard,3 it maches the tutorial level,4 nothing,5 make the level a little less harde

  6. great game

    i would like to aim my pink balls of fluff though


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