Monday, January 7, 2019

 play atticus game
In the distant land of africa a young elephant has escaped from his crush box and now wishes to find his herd. However there is a camp of poachers, and two lion infested cliffs that stand in his way. Guide the young elephant back to his family and gain the help of a conservationist to protect yourself from the poachers and a oasis to protect yourself from the sun.


  1. Fun to move and avoid poachers.I would help to be able to jump with w. Good game.

  2. 1.Fun game to move in. 2.The splash screen has everything it needs and it prepared me to play it. 3. The movement controls are there and it tells you what to do. 4.It fits the intended target by having an elephant out of the crush box. 5. An improvement is to add some good things in such as food.

  3. great job! your splash screens looks amazing and your tutorial works crisply. I did kind of have a problem with the fact that you could die in the tutorial, and the jump is very high and doesn't seem logical.

  4. I don't know how to progress on to the next level.

    So I don't know what to say. Bad game!

  5. 1. it has only 2 functioning levels. They are doable.
    2. Yes level 2 was only a little bit harder which was good. He added more enemies.
    3.yes it shows you everything you need.
    4. About the crush box and the poachers.
    5. Adding a 3rd level would help.

  6. Lukes :1,three levels work but the thread level did not work,2 there were no changes and they all easy,nothing changed from the 1-2 and from 2-3,if there was changes they were too easy,3 does mach the tutorial,4 I didn't learn anything,5 make it harder and make the thread level work.


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