Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Kelpie was made by a giant robot and he has gone crazy and started to destroy kelp forests your mission is to get to him and knock some sense into him but you haft to watch out for cans and sea arches you can get some help from fish and sea otters

Monday, January 7, 2019


        Story line: Haribert Feliu Atsma is a sea star, he lives in a tidepool called yaquina head tide pools. He sees one of his food sources a Urchins dumping toxic waste into the clams area. Then he realised that the urchins are going to poison his home. He races though the urchin factories to get to the poison and to save the tidepools. He can find activist’s to disable to factories guards for a few seconds plus he needs to keep the hands away for him at all times.  In the first level he has to avoid fast waters as well as warms waters to survive.
Samson the elephant is thirsty and has to get to the water hole before he dies of thirst.
But many lions and poachers are trying to kill him. Each day he is trying to get to the next.

water source. He is quickly running out of energy and needs to get food along the way.
The adventure of the red legged frogs the red legged frogs are having a war with the fungus kingdom and they can not let the fungus come into your kingdom there will be frogs that can be placed. The fungus are the enemies, if the fungus get in there kingdom there will be no hope for the kingdom of the frogs. The problems facing them are pollution that floats in the water as an obstacle and fungus that are the enemies. The helps are towers that are like labs and kill the fungus there are different types of towers and there is also a pollution picker upper that get rid of the pollution.
Po the Panda

By: Miles Jones

Po the panda was being hunted by poachers for her body parts. Po must reunite with her mother Lun Lun without being caught by the poachers. Once the environmentalists called the police on the poachers, the were able to plant bamboo trees which the pand could live on and climb up to look for her mother. Po had to avoid traps so that she could reunite with Lun Lun. The hikers help Po by triggering the traps so that she can get through the plains and find Lun Lu.
Sandys Search
___ is a enemy
___ are help items
Sandy the sand cat has been evicted from her home after someone started building houses where you used to live and have to travel through the desert avoiding Hunters, traps and dehydration  by getting water droplets and sometimes hunting bans will go into effect so Hunters will disappear for a little while. Once you have traveled through three parts of the desert you will find a home.

Hi this is jeffrey the salmon that lives in japan. My enemies are  bears and fishermen that are trying to eat me and catch me and eat. You can help by putting up fences to stop bear from caching me. Also you need to help me not get caught by the fishermen. Another thing you could is put no trespassing signs.
Story Line

There once was a old growth forest that had millions of healthy trees, but then lumberjacks came with machines and axes cutting all the trees, eventually there will be no more trees for the old growth forest animals to live in.                                                                                             
It’s almost like whack-a-mole
Objective:stop the lumberjacks~don’t tap the bombs

Enemies:LumberJacks and bomb
Bob the fishy fish boy went to play in a stream. Little did he know, the stream was full of harmful pesticides that gave him cancer. Bob tried every type of treatment for a fish, but none of it worked. Bob eventually died. But wait, there's more. Bob came back as a ghost. Because ghosts have supernatural powers, he went back in time and found the farmer who used too many pesticides and went back to the present to haunt him...
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Once upon a time…

The Oregon Old Growth Forest was full of hundreds of trees full of thriving tree voles. One day, a logging company came along and started cutting down their trees. Now, 100 years later, in the year 2075, there is only 1 tree left in the forest. Now, life for the voles is hard when they fight their only 2 enemies: the loggers and the predatory spotted owls forced to live in the same tree as the voles. Help the good tree voles save their home from the loggers as you play a brave vole named Bob. Bob also tries to signal to the good humans that they are in grave danger from the only 2 things that surround them, the loggers and the evil voles. Bob has successfully communicated with a few humans, and they can convince a few loggers each to stop cutting the trees, and will also plant more trees so they can have a better home. Bob has lived in many different trees, all of which were killed by the loggers. He has a desire stronger than the other voles to destroy the loggers, and needs help fast!
 play christians game
Beaver Hunt
The beaver is going to try to get wood to eat and for his home. But he runs into trappers on the way, so he's try to get wood before the trappers capture him and send him to the zoo or eat him.

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Back Story:Your a big panda living with your parents and then one day your parents get taken away by poachers so they can sell them for money  . They set traps on the ground to catch more pandas.

Plot:You want to save your family while evading poachers and traps. You do is while doing parkour from trees so they don't see you. Some cops are looking for this poacher so if you see a cop then your safe.Also if you see a national park that is a safe zone from poacher and is nice and comfortable
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In the distant land of africa a young elephant has escaped from his crush box and now wishes to find his herd. However there is a camp of poachers, and two lion infested cliffs that stand in his way. Guide the young elephant back to his family and gain the help of a conservationist to protect yourself from the poachers and a oasis to protect yourself from the sun.
 play andrews game
this is the plot of my game
        you are a hedge hog that needs to flee to a new home
        "starvation haunts you along the way wild animals are trying to eat you right now they are a blob
        you must flee from poachers because they belive the quills you carry are lucky ");
        ,you must collect seeeds to eat and you can also disapper in abanded burros ");
        be care ful you must not trust the humans and flee frome all sighns of human life for they mean no good
                but most of all have fun!!!
        there is also a carrot that is also lots of carrots on the screen you can eat them and they will give you extra life in need

cadence no plot