Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Kelpie was made by a giant robot and he has gone crazy and started to destroy kelp forests your mission is to get to him and knock some sense into him but you haft to watch out for cans and sea arches you can get some help from fish and sea otters

Monday, January 7, 2019


        Story line: Haribert Feliu Atsma is a sea star, he lives in a tidepool called yaquina head tide pools. He sees one of his food sources a Urchins dumping toxic waste into the clams area. Then he realised that the urchins are going to poison his home. He races though the urchin factories to get to the poison and to save the tidepools. He can find activist’s to disable to factories guards for a few seconds plus he needs to keep the hands away for him at all times.  In the first level he has to avoid fast waters as well as warms waters to survive.
Samson the elephant is thirsty and has to get to the water hole before he dies of thirst.
But many lions and poachers are trying to kill him. Each day he is trying to get to the next.

water source. He is quickly running out of energy and needs to get food along the way.
The adventure of the red legged frogs the red legged frogs are having a war with the fungus kingdom and they can not let the fungus come into your kingdom there will be frogs that can be placed. The fungus are the enemies, if the fungus get in there kingdom there will be no hope for the kingdom of the frogs. The problems facing them are pollution that floats in the water as an obstacle and fungus that are the enemies. The helps are towers that are like labs and kill the fungus there are different types of towers and there is also a pollution picker upper that get rid of the pollution.

cadence no plot